Lesson Plans for Holes by Louis Sachar

If you’re looking for activities, tests, and lesson plans for Holes by Louis Sachar, you’re in the right spot!  I’ll never forget the first time I read Holes aloud to my seventh grade students.  We all fell in love with the two plots and they mystery of how the two intertwined.   They will never forget Camp Green Lake, Stanley, and all of Sachar’s wonderful characters.  I knew after the first time I read it aloud to a class that this novel was a perfect book for middle schoolers!

Now we use this novel as a choice for book clubs, but it’s also perfect for an independent novel study. We created a teaching unit for Holes, and the handouts included require students to analyze the author’s craft and literary elements such as point of view, symbolism, and characterization. We also developed five tests as well as writing assignments and post reading activities. Take a look at the table of contents in the free preview to see the focus of our lesson plans for  each chapter.  You’ll also download some free activity pages as well.

Print these free handouts and a portion of a test by clicking here for our sample packet for Holes.  Here you can print a portion of a test, a printable for point of view and a printable for examining the author’s use of flashbacks.


If you enjoy this free sample, consider purchasing our entire teaching unit for Holes by Louis Sachar.  With this teaching unit, all of your planning will be complete, and you can rest assure that you will cover plenty of standards as you read this awesome book.  The best part is once you purchase the unit, you can use it year after year!  We hope you enjoy the free printables!