We are current ELA teachers and besties, Tammy Davis and Shannon Temple. Currently, Tammy teaches middle school language arts and Shannon teaches 8th grade English I and is a reading interventionist. Tammy has been teaching for twenty-seven years. She has taught first grade, fourth grade, special education, eighth grade social studies, and seventh grade language arts. Shannon has been teaching for twenty-three years and has taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grade language arts, as well as Honors English I. Tammy earned her MEd in education, and Shannon earned her MAT in English. We have both earned national board certification.

A message from Tammy & Shannon:

We understand the life of a middle school language arts teacher –  so much to do and so little time to do it!  Our jobs can seem so overwhelming with the pressures of lesson planning, grading, state testing, and simply fitting everything in – not to mention the hormones and antics of middle schoolers!  But, we also teach the best subject and best age group ever!  Why? It’s because our content lends itself to such wonderful literature and creative ways to cover standards and because our kids are not too young to be super needy and not too old to not have fun while learning.   There is no better feeling than teaching a class where students are engaged in learning and having fun, and that is why we STILL love what we do.   We developed all of our resources out of a need in our own classrooms.  We do not simply create our products to sell them.  We use them, and we know that they work!   If you are a new teacher looking for guidance or even a seasoned teacher like us, in need of a fresh start, we would love to help you!

Resources written by Tammy and Shannon are used in many schools across the United States and a few other countries as well.