Interactive Notebook for The Devil’s Arithmetic

I LOVE using interactive notebooks in my middle school classroom!  Students remain engaged while enjoying a novel…perfect!  We have only created a few novel units as interactive notebooks.  We would like to share with you a sample of our interactive notebook for The Devil’s Arithmetic.

Take a look at our sample packet! This sample will give you an activity to use for chapter three of the novel.  The literary device that we focus on in this chapter is symbolism.  You will see pictures of how we complete this interactive activity.  If you like this free sample lesson, check out our entire interactive notebook for The Devil’s Arithmetic.  Take a look at the table of contents listed below to see the focus of each chapter.

At a glance – A page containing all of the foldables in a thumbnail size ~ Give out so students can see final product as they are making foldables
KWL Chart
Chapter 2: Hannah’s Family; Flashback
Chapter 3: Symbolism and Foreshadowing
Chapter 4: Hannah’s New World: Indirect Characterization
Chapter 5: Figurative Language
Chapter 6: Chaya and Her New Friends
Chapter 7: The Badchan’s Poem
Chapter 8: Tone; Foreshadowing
Chapter 9: Allusion
Chapter 10: Bringing to Life the Harsh Reality ( Word choice, Dialogue, Details)
Chapter 11: Writing Opportunity
Chapters 11 & 12: Irony
Chapter 13: Discussion Questions
Chapter 14: Know the Language
Chapter 15: Imagery; Euphemisms
Chapter 16: Discussion Questions
Chapter 17: Suspense
Chapter 18: Discussion Questions
Chapter 19 & Epilogue: Discussion Questions

Purchase our complete Interactive Notebook for The Devil’s Arithmetic now, and all of your plans will be done.  Your students will LOVE this interactive way of analyzing literary elements and the author’s craft!