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20. Teach Poetry With the Acronym TWIST UP!

Need some ideas on how to teach poetry?  The acronym TWIST UP is a game changer when it comes to teaching poetry!  Listen to learn how this simple strategy will have your students analyzing poems on a deeper level in no time.  The acronym will help create wonderful discussions in your classroom, and everything you […]

18. Book Clubs in the Middle School ELA Classroom ~Part One

If you’ve been wanting to start book clubs in your middle school classroom, but you’re not sure how to do it, this episode is for you.  This first episode of the series will explain how to form book club groups in your classroom and how to choose the right novels for your middle school students.   […]

15. Christmas Lesson Ideas for Middle School ELA

Looking for fun and creative Christmas themed lessons for your middle school ELA class?  We’ve got you covered with several of our favorite Christmas themed activities!  Teach the standards while having some engaging and original Christmas fun!  Be sure to check out our blog for all of the mentioned links and free printables!  https://elacoreplans.com/middle-school-ela-christmas-activities/   […]

Middle School ELA Christmas Activities

Middle School ELA Christmas Activities Add a little fun in your ELA class at Christmas time by reviewing important ELA skills and concepts.    We do realize that everyone does not teach in a school or community like ours, so some of these ideas may not work for your students.  Please be mindful of those […]