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Amazon Finds for Your Middle School ELA Class

In this episode, we are sharing our top picks for Amazon Prime Day deals that every middle school ELA teacher should know about! These hand-picked items will not only save you money but also enhance your happiness and teaching experience. Tune in to hear about these deals and how we use them or plan to […]

From Expectations to Efficiency: Essential Techniques for Classroom Management

Classroom Management Middle School ELA Teachers In this blog post, we will dive into effective classroom management strategies specifically designed for middle school ELA teachers. Classroom management plays a crucial role in creating a positive learning environment and unlocking success for both teachers and students. Join us as we explore three key categories: establishing expectations […]

One-Pager Assignment in ELA

What is a One-Pager Assignment in ELA? A one-pager assignment in ELA is a creative and versatile tool that allows students to demonstrate their understanding of a text through a single, visually appealing page. They encourage critical thinking, creativity, and provide an opportunity for students to showcase their artistic abilities. Plus, they’re a great alternative […]

What it Takes to Manage a Middle School ELA Classroom

 Over the years, I’ve witnessed significant changes in what it takes to manage a middle school ELA classroom. It seems that each year, there’s always new technology and social media, which we all know brings drama to the hallways of any middle school.  There is also evolving social dynamics, and we won’t even mention the […]

Middle School ELA Inquiry Project

Middle School ELA Inquiry Project ~ Writing a Children’s Book Looking for a fun and engaging middle school ELA inquiry project for your middle school ELA students?  As middle school teachers, we know what it’s like at the end of the year: kids are tired, teachers are tired, and testing is over.  So, we need […]

Engaging Middle School ELA End the Year Activities

It’s that time of year, time for testing and winding down, so here are two fun, creative, and engaging middle school ELA end the year  activities that are perfect for the last weeks of school! The first activity is called “Welcome to my Fairytale,” where students work in groups to update classic fairytales and perform […]

24 Middle School ELA Test Prep Boot Camp

Test Prep Boot Camp It’s test taking season, so we’d like to share with you some tips for hosting a quick test prep boot camp! You should plan to spend a week on your boot camp.  First, you’ll want to hype your students up for this a little.  As soon as middle schoolers hear the […]