7. Strong Verb Paragraphs ~ An Effective Narrative Writing Exercise for Middle School ELA

This is the first episode in a series on using short narrative writing exercises in your middle school ELA classroom.  We will be telling you all about strong verb paragraphs – how to write them, why they work, and how you can impliment them immediately.  Check out all of the mentioned freebies in our show notes at https://elacoreplans.com/strong-verb-paragraphs-effective-narrative-writing-exercise-for-middle-school-ela/

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5. Three Reasons Why Bell Ringers Make Sense in the Middle School ELA Classroom

Using bell ringers in the middle school ELA classroom can help you keep your sanity when it comes to trying to fit everything in!  This episode will help you learn the advantages of using bell ringers or warm ups at the beginning of class, and we will talk about the ones that we rely on in our own classrooms!  Be sure and check out our show notes at https://elacoreplans.com/three-reasons-using-bell-ringers-in-the-middle-school-ela-classroom-makes-sense/  

We will put a link there to ten FREE bell ringers that we believe work for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade! 

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2. Four Activities for the First Day Back to School in Middle School ELA

Listen to four activities to make your first day back to school in the middle school ELA classroom a success!  We will cover everything that you need, including what to do when students first enter your room, which rules and procedures work for us, two fun and creative icebreakers, and a first day writing activity that your students will love!   Be sure to view our shownotes after listening to print free resources mentioned! 

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Happy Teaching!  Shannon and Tammy

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1. Three Tips for a Successful Back to School Open House

Are you wondering how to make your middle school back-to-school open house run smoothly?  Walk away with three tips to create a successful back to school open house for students and parents.  We’ll share with you fun and unique ways to make you and your classroom unforgettable! 

Head to the show notes: https://elacoreplans.com/three-tips-for-middle-school-back-to-school-open-house/

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3. Five Ways to Ruin Your Middle School Classroom Climate

Listen and learn what NOT to do when creating a positive and welcoming middle school classroom climate.  We will discuss five ways that your classroom climate can be ruined and discuss strategies and ideas to implement in order to have a safe, happy, and positive climate for your classroom!  

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4 Four Tips to Make Grading Easy in the ELA Classroom

Learn four ways that you can make grading easy in your ELA classroom.  There is so much to teach in ELA, and this often means too much to grade.  As ELA teachers, we simply cannot grade everything.  We must work smarter, not harder when it comes to grading! 

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Organizational Tips for Teachers to Save Your Sanity

We will share two of our favorite tips that help keep us sane throughout the school year!  You can implement these simple and effective ideas into your classroom today!    Read our shownotes at www.elacoreplans.com.  

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