In our classrooms, we LOVE to use Tuck Everlasting as a literature circle choice!  In this post, you can print some of our free Tuck Everlasting lesson plans and handouts!

This fun-loving fantasy novel is a student favorite. Read on for some of our free Tuck Everlasting lesson plans for this novel. We are sharing the handouts that we use for the chapters we are mentioning.

After our students finish reading chapter sixteen, we have them analyze irony.  We give them a handout (this handout is in the packet you can download below) that reviews the three types of irony, situational, verbal, and dramatic.  Then, they look at three examples of irony from chapters fifteen and sixteen, identify the type of irony the author used, and finally they record an explanation for why the passage is ironic.

Here is another activity that we include in our free Tuck Everlasting lesson plans.  We can’t pass up the opportunity to review propaganda after the man in the yellow suit reveals his plan to sell the water! We have our students help create an advertisement for the water.  We provide our students with a a handout to review seven common types of propaganda.  (click here to download this handout!)  This mini-project can be completed with ease and helps to review an important ELA standard!

Print these two handouts for chapters fifteen and sixteen as well as chapter nineteen and a portion of a test by clicking here for our sample packet for Tuck Everlasting.

Free Download

Tuck Everlasting sample packet

If you enjoy this free sample, consider purchasing our entire teaching unit for Tuck Everlasting.  Everything is ready for you to print and teach.  Your plans – done!  Plus, you’ll have this resource for years to come!