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Bridge to Terabithia Lesson Plans….

If you’re looking for Bridge to Terabithia lesson plans, activities, and printables, stay put.  There is a free download on this page for Bridge to Terabithia lesson plans below!

Katherine Paterson’s Newberry Medal novel Bridge to Terabithia is a gripping story about the unlikely friendship of a lonely boy and girl.  As their friendship grows, they create a magical kingdom in the forest.  This touching story will be one of your students’ favorite novel!  Read on for activities I use while teaching this book and to print FREE handouts!

Two of my most interesting activities I use while we read this book accompany chapters five and nine.  After reading chapter nine, I provide students with a handout that includes snippets of conversations had by both the Aarons and Burke families.  The students spend time thinking about the impact the use of dialect has on the development of the characters.  They infer why the author most likely used the dialect in the dialogue.

After analyzing the author’s craft in this chapter, when we finish chapter nine, my students are ready for some dialogue writing of their own.  In chapter nine, student’s take a careful look at the serious tone Jesse and Leslie use while they are at Terabithia. I mean, they REALLY use a serious tone!  We have to haul out the dictionaries to be sure we know the meanings of some of the words they use.

Then, my seventh graders practice writing a dialogue that they would have with a friend while visiting the magical kingdom of Terabithia.  They must use a formal tone in their written dialogue. Sure, these sassy scholars moan and groan after they first hear they have to actually write, but they get into it after a bit.  The last thing I have them do is choose a classmate to help them read the dialogue and bring it to life.  (Never hurts to have a bit of fluency practice!)

I have a free little Bridge to Terabithia packet you can download, and you are welcome to use the chapter nine activity.

 The packet also has handouts for chapters four and thirteen and even a few questions from a test!  If you enjoy this free packet, consider purchasing our entire unit.  Your plans will all be complete for you.  You will simply print and teach!  Best of all, you will have it to use year after year!

Happy Teaching!