tales of a fourth grade nothing lesson plans

Fudge!  The beloved character created by Judy Blume is introduced in the novel tales of a fourth grade nothing.  Scroll down to read about some of our activities with this novel and to print FREE tales of a fourth grade nothing lesson plans.

While reading the novel, don’t think you have to worry about not covering Common Core standards.   You can ensure your students get the maximum educational benefit from their reading.  When we developed these tales of a fourth grade nothing lesson plans for our middle school students, we had our struggling readers in mind.  We knew that we could use this unit as a title for literature circles and even do some guided reading lessons with small groups.

Several of the common core standards we address with our tales of a fourth grade nothing lesson plans include interpreting figurative language (idioms as well as similes), correctly using capitalization, and completing an in depth analysis of a character.  You don’t have to wonder what character we give an in depth look at, do you?  Nope!  You are exactly right!  FUDGE!!

After we read chapter two, we really look closely at Fudge.   In chapter four, we look at several idioms that are often overlooked and pose a bit of a challenge!  Judy Blume’s use of strong verbs in her novel is our focus after reading chapter ten.  We have our students identify her verbs, then select a couple and practice using stronger verbs in a mini writing assignment.  With this activity, students easily learn that the nuances in verbs can have a huge impact on our sentences.

Now, we’d love to share these lesson plans with you!  If you click here, you are going to see the plans we use for chapters two, four, and ten. We have even given you a portion of a test we use with tales of a fourth grade nothing! Enjoy!