7th Grade ELA Yearly Plans

Have you ever just wanted to see another teacher’s 7th grade ELA yearly plans?  We have put together a free resource that shows you what we do all year in our 7th grade classes.  Filled with tons of printables that you can use right away, this resource will help you see how we juggle all that we have to teach in ELA!

Download this resource to see everything we do to teach 7th grade ELA!  There is so much to teach in 7th grade ELA.  Reading, writing, grammar, research… It’s hard to fit it all in! While we are always learning and changing or adding to our curriculum, we have put together this resource, which contains a wealth of information and samples!  It will give you a glimpse into our seventh grade classrooms and what we do throughout the year.  Hopefully, it will help you with your own 7th grade ELA yearly plans!

Included in this FREE packet you will find our best advice for classroom management, our classroom layout, what we use for bellringers, and even what we teach each nine weeks. We break everything down so you can see how we fit in grammar, reading, literature circles, writing instruction, and more as we teach 7th grade ELA!

There are a ton of useful and FREE handouts included for you to use immediately in your own classroom. We hope you find this packet helpful as you teach 7th grade ELA!