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Affect vs. Effect Mnemonic

The words affect and effect are sometimes hard for middle school students to understand.  Here is a handy trick to use in your ELA classroom!  Use the following affect vs. effect mnemonic to help teach the difference between the confusing words:   RAVEN Remember, Affect is a Verb Effect is a Noun. This affect vs. effect mnemonic […]

The Best iPad Apps for the Middle School Classroom

At our school, only teachers have iPads in the classroom.  Our district can not yet afford for every student to have one.  Still, there are some great apps that I have found to be AWESOME for classroom use! GradeCam – This by far is my favorite!  With gradecam, you print off your own scantrons, and […]

7th Grade ELA 1st Nine Weeks Plans

7th Grade Lesson Plans for 1st nine weeks of school Sometimes it helps to see just how other ELA teachers are fitting in everything that we have to teach.  At our school, we have 60 minute classes.  We would like to share with you our 7th grade ELA 1st nine weeks plans. This is our […]

7th Grade ELA Yearly Plans

Have you ever just wanted to see another teacher’s 7th grade ELA yearly plans?  We have put together a free resource that shows you what we do all year in our 7th grade classes.  Filled with tons of printables that you can use right away, this resource will help you see how we juggle all […]

Top Five Reasons To Use Interactive Notebooks in Your Middle School ELA Class

Interactive Notebooks in middle school ELA Classrooms are wonderful!  Check out these top reasons to start using them in your classroom today. Students stay busy with interactive notebooking. Students can forget going to sleep or even daydreaming.  With interactive notebooks, students are actively engaged during each lesson! Students enjoy it. Most students take pride in […]