Lesson Plans for On My Honor

On My Honor by Marion Dane Bauer is a touching story of friendship, death, grief, loss, and honesty. Your students will not want to stop reading this awesome and powerful story!  Look at this packet to see how we use this amazing novel in our classrooms.  Read on for a few of our activities and lesson plans for On My Honor.

This novel is short and an easy page-turner.  When developing lesson plans for On My Honor, we wanted to make sure we took a look at literary devices and the author’s craft while at the same time appreciating such a powerful, moving story.  For example, after reading chapters four and five, we have students reflect  on what happened to Tony and make a prediction.  Then, students analyze the tone created with the author’s use of figurative language, symbolism, and specific words and imagery.     As the student’s analyze the author’s craft, they are provided with an unique look into Joel’s inner feelings.

After chapter nine, Students first revisit the text and spend time answering discussion questions.  Then, students analyze the dialogue.  After looking at Bauer’s craft, students write a dialogue for a hypothetical situation.  This activity allows students to grow as writers by studying this author.  We feel this is an awesome way to read and learn from a novel!  While we have used this novel as a whole class read, we currently use it as a choice for book clubs, or as some call them, literature circles.  This is the perfect book for groups to read, and it’s especially a good choice for reluctant readers.  It’s not too long, catches attention quickly, and pulls in the reader with a powerful story.  Check out some of our handouts below.

Print free handouts by clicking here for our sample packet for On My Honor.

If you enjoy this free sample, consider downloading our entire teaching unit for On My Honor.  All of your planning will be done, and you’ll have this resource to use year after year!