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Freckle Juice Novel Unit

Judy Blume’s Freckle Juice is a classic, must read with your students.  Everyone is able to relate to Andrew as he wants something he can’t have. And, even though this is a novel that will have your students laughing, you can still use this Freckle Juice novel unit to teach Common Core standards!  Read on to see our reading focus for some of the chapters and to print FREE handouts from our Freckle Juice novel unit.

Hyperbole is explored and analyzed in chapter one.  We have students write a sentence that uses hyperbole that is of course about  – FRECKLES!

In chapter three, we use Blume’s craft to be sure our students  can distinguish shades of meaning among verbs that describe the same action.  We even have them act out the sentences from the story.  (Common Core Language Standard 5)   We use five sentences from the chapter, and students must pick out verbs such as crept and gulped.  Then, we laugh as they “creep into a room” and “gulp down a disgusting drink”.  Fun!

The kids in our classrooms even read an informational text to learn all about freckles!

Now, if you click here, we would like to share the handouts we use for chapters one and three of our Freckle Juice novel unit.  We have even given you several of our test questions for the Freckle Juice novel unit test.  Enjoy!